Creepster hacks girls emails using Facebook information and forwards *very private* photos

Meet George Samuel Bronk, he’s a creepster that used information available on Facebook profiles to hack the e-mail accounts of hundreds of women across the country and a few over the pond as well.

He pleaded guilty today and he’s facing 6 years in prison after police found 170 photos and videos on his computer that he decided to keep for himself. See? Creepster.

Since everyone is reading this, let’s all take a moment to change our Facebook password and update our security questions to be a little more difficult than your high school mascot or your dad’s first name.

See, THIS is a perfect example why I keep my Facebook on lock down. You can’t see anything on there except for my endless self promotion, Myspace angle profile picture, and status updates that no one comments on.

Read the rest of the details you don’t care about on MSNBC. My favorite part of the article is their nonsensical advice at the end:

Use fake information to fill in the answers to identity-challenge questions when setting up or changing an online account.   If you grew up on Elm Street, say instead that you grew up on ’55a55afra55.’

How the hell is anyone going to remember that they grew up on 55a55afra55 street? *Sigh*

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