Kirstie Alley comeback > George Lopez insults. Here’s a play by play for uneducated gossips!

I know all of you don’t follow celebrity gossip as closely as I do, so I’m giving you a play by play version of the Kirstie Alley vs. George Lopez publicity whoring. To understand everything you need some backstory….

George Lopez has a genetic condition that caused his body to attack his kidney, and needed a transplant in 2005. His wife of 17 years, Ann Lopez, donated one of her own. Fast forward to November 2010, Ann filed for divorce. While there’s been no official accusations of cheating, cheating rumors and tabloid blind-items have often been linked to Lopez. Most people suspect he got caught cheating which resulted in the divorce. While his wifey isn’t exactly the most beautiful person on the planet, it’s obvious she loved him and sacrificed a lot for him (HER KIDNEY!) so his career and reputation suffered a bit from the divorce.

Moving on to Kirstie Alley, she has a long, documented history battling her weight. A lot of people forget she’s 60 (SIXTY!) years old, including George Lopez who decided to blast her on his show this week following her first performance on Dancing With The Stars where she received a lot of praise for her skills. I actually watched the episode (that’s a lie, I watched it on and fast forwarded to the part where Kirstie danced) and I was shocked at how great of a dancer she was, especially for her first week. I think she’ll do really well.

George Lopez went on his show afterward and compared her to a pig, picking fun at her weight. Here’s a video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After saying that on his show he received a lot of backlash in the media, but part of me thinks it was all calculated and intentional to garner press for his show. He quickly released a statement on his Twitter apologizing:

Kirstie Alley took some time to think about it, and came up with this response:

LOL. I’m not gonna lie…….. that was a pretty amazing response. People are all, “that was a low blow!” but what the hell was what he said to her? Him calling her a pig on TV wasn’t a low-blow? He makes fun of people every day, FOR A LIVING, so he isn’t allowed to be upset about her kidney/ex-wife comment. Dish it… take it…. you know the saying.

What are your thoughts?

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