Donald Glover from Community proves he is the coolest by performing the famous La Biblioteca rap with a fan

I have a huge Twitter crush on Donald Glover. I actually didn’t even WATCH Community until I started following him on Twitter which made me start to watch the show. A fan of his asked if they could rap the (now famous) La Biblioteca rap from Community. Like the amazing human being he is, he obliged, and it resulted in this amazingness:

Here’s the original video. It’s even funnier when you see what the lyrics mean.


Donde esta la biblioteca me llamo T-bone la arrana discoteca

Discoteca moneca la biblioteca es el bigote grande perro monteca

Monteca picote gigante pequeno cabeza es nillebe serveca es bueno

Buenos dias me gustan papas frias el bigote de la cabra es cameron diaz


Where is the library my name is t-bone the disco spider

Disco, doll, the library is in big mustache dog lard

Lard, mustache, huge, little, head is ice cream, beer is good

Good day I like cold potatoes the goat’s mustache is Cameron Diaz

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