I’m obsessed with… Blake Lively (but I’m putting a week’s worth of news into one post!)

I know you guys don’t love Blake as much as I do. You also know I DON’T CAREEEE. But I am willing to meet in the middle and combine my obsessions from this week of Blake news into one post.

I’ve written about her Louboutin obsession before, and Christian Louboutin decided she’s a design inspiration and named a shoe after her. I give you…. The Blake. THAT’S HOT. Who else can say they have a famous designer name a shoe after them? I wonder if Manolo Blahnik ever named a shoe after Sarah Jessica Parker? She really put them on the map. I’m getting ADD… sorry. Back to what I was saying. Here’s the shoe:

Here’s a Gossip Girl GIF that I liked of her. I also love Leighton Meester so it’s twice as satisfying:

And here’s her looking perfect. Seriously, she’s FLAWLESS. Sigh.

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