Turn your house into a billboard to pay your mortgage. Worth it? I’m thinking no.

Adzookie, an advertising firm, is looking for houses to turn into billboards. In exchange for your house being a billboard, they will pay your mortgage and paint it back to it’s original colors after your contract. The deal is you have to own your house (not lease or rent), and be willing to have some angry neighbors for 3 months minimum! I’m also guessing you can’t have an HOA with strict paint rules :-P

My hunch is this is a big publicity stunt that will never amount to an actual billboard being put on your house. If it is a publicity stunt, I can’t even be mad because it’s obviously working (since, uhhh, I’m blogging about them right now!) but if it’s legit, this is a pretty great deal especially if you’re having a hard time paying your mortgage.

via Fresh Home

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