Lindsay Lohan might actually be in something worth seeing?

To the surprise of absolutely everyone, Lindsay Lohan is (well, maybe) going to be in a film that might be worth seeing! It’s a film about the mobster John Gotti. She’ll be playing his daughter, Victoria, who Lindsay apparently resembles. Makes sense since his daughter is probably a crackwhore.

I’m assuming this is good news for Lindsay, but to be honest I don’t follow all the Lindsay Lohan news anymore so I can’t be sure. Is she still on the verge of going to jail? Who knows. It’s similar to all the Charlie Sheen news because I read so many different websites so if something is being reported all over I read the same story over, and over, and over again. It’s horrible. To save my sanity I will start skipping ALL of them because I assume I’ve already ready it. Then I reach a point where I have no idea what’s going on and don’t even try to catch up. That’s where I am with both of them. And I think I like it that way.

So yeah, no idea what she’s up to. But I do know it’s very likely she’ll be playing the role of Victoria. It hasn’t been officially offered to her, but she was at a news conference with John Travolta (who is also in the film), and John Gotti’s wife…. so, yeah.

via The Superficial

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