My boo Zac Efron is this year’s Most Beautiful male celebrity, YA HEARD?

People Magazine released their yearly “Most Beautiful” list, and Jennifer Lopez scored the coveted #1 spot. Which………………. no.

Zac scored the #2 spot which means he’s the Most Beautiful MALE celebrity on this year’s list. I definitely think he got ROBBED of the cover by try-hard JLo, but whatever. WE’LL TAKE IT.

He’s doing his signature pose (see: this photo) and looking very cute as usual. Very buff, too. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BOO BOO.

People Magazine has only released the Top 15 spots, and AS PER USUAL they got most everything wrong. They put Dana Delaney above Sandra Bullock (WTF?). But the worst part is Jon Hamm, John Mayer, and Blake Lively are nowhere to be found. W-T-F People Magazine? We got beef. Big, big beef.

The top 15 are as follows…. and they include my thoughts (OBVIOUSLY!):

1) Jennifer Lopez (I wonder how many favors they got from American Idol to do this?)
2) Zac Efron (While reading his bio I found out he’ll be in New Years Eve with a ton of other celebs! SCORE.)
3) Reese Witherspoon (Picture they chose was awful but she’s gorgeous regardless so I’m OK with it.)
4) Jessica Simpson (looking very cute in a leotard, I might add. I wonder if that picture is recent?)
5) Mandy Moore (OHAI, irrelevant celebrity)
6) Katie Holmes (love love love love, even if she is a robot)
7) Jennifer Hudson (newly skanny)
8) Kellan Lutz (Meh, he’s a butthisface.)
9) Dana Delaney (This must’ve been corporate string pulling because of her new show.)
10) Emma Stone (LOOOOOOVE. The picture they chose makes her blonde hair look amazing)
11) Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper (Making them share is both confusing and unfair, People Magazine.)
12) Sandra Bullock (Dana Delaney beat her? WTF. Sandra should be higher. YOU GOT ROBBED, SANDRA)
13) Jennifer Lawrence (Gorgeous, don’t know much about her though. Still need to see Winters Bone.)
14) Eva Longoria (Over her.)
15) Ryan Reynolds (Drool. Good for him, too. He can’t be feeling too hot about himself watching his ex-wife run around town with a senior citizen)

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