Scarlett Johansson’s rep responds to pregnancy rumors…. summary: not pregnant, just fat

I posted some photos of Scarlett Johansson the opposite of skinny yesterday. Here’s a link to the post if you didn’t see it. I got a lot of feedback on Facebook about it, most people thinking it was a food baby and not a real baby. Her rep responded to People and addressed all the criticism:

But a rep for Johansson warns not to jump to conclusions, and reveals a few common missteps that make up the anatomy of a pregnancy rumor:

Step 1: Catch the celebrity at an awkward angle
“She’s outside running and it’s simply the placement of her shirt that is misleading,” her rep, Marcel Pariseau, tells PEOPLE of Johansson.

Step 2: Single out the one photo that portrays her as a mere mortal
“She was followed and photographed for over 20 minutes and I’m sure there are other photos in the series that show and prove that she is not pregnant,” the rep points out.

Step 3: Set the record straight
“Scarlett is not pregnant,” Pariseau says, adding for good measure. “She’s been training for The Avengers for over four months and is in the best shape of her life.”

They’re trying to say that her shirt placement made her look fat. Last time I checked she didn’t have a shirt covering her booty junk. I’m not saying she’s fat or anything. But… she had a fat day. We all have them. Mine happens to be every day, hahaha. Let’s be real, though….those photos had nothing to do with angles or shirts. That was just a food baby or an extra 5 pounds of happy weight.

One response

  1. justmoi

    Her stomach looks about as big as mine and I am a skinny 4-month pregnant woman. However, she is lumpy in the stomach area (when you are pregnant it’s more round) and her legs are lumpy too. I think she’s just gained weight from inactivity.

    April 21, 2011 at 3:18 AM

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