Lindsay Lohan thinks she can beat out Blake Lively for film roles. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

As I mentioned previously, Lindsay Lohan is up for a role in the new film about the Gotti family. An A-lister (John Travolta) is in it so it’s basically the best thing she has going for her. But she hasn’t been OFFICIALLY cast.

Lindsay is on this high now (not literally BECAUSE SHE’S ON PROBATION) from the press surrounding the Gotti film. It’s increased her confidence and now she’s going around to anyone that will listen saying what film roles she wants. Her quotes make me cringe when I read them because she’s so delusional. Truly. She doesn’t understand the term “baby steps.” She doesn’t understand that her career will never, NEVER, be what it used to be. And her saying these things just makes her look stupid. Here’s what she said:

“I want to be in Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages,’ ” she said of her future plans. “That’s the role I really want.”
She also mentioned her interest in Disney’s upcoming “Wizard of Oz” prequel, “Oz: The Great and the Powerful.” Lohan said, “I think the only role I could play is Glinda.”
Variety already reported that Blake Lively is in talks for the role of Glinda the Good Witch, but Lilo remained undeterred.
“I’ll only do the movie if I can work with [James Franco],” she said. “We’re like best friends. We’re hanging out later.”

Even at the peak of her career, I don’t think Lindsay could’ve nabbed roles like that. Mila Kunis, James Franco, Blake Lively……… that is A-list. Lindsay is not even on a list unless you count the “don’t let her in here” list. So why, for the love of god WHYYYY, is she commenting to a journalist about them? She must know deep down inside there’s no chance she’ll ever be cast in those roles.

Also, can you imagine how horrified James Franco is going to be when he sees that quote? OH MY GOD. He will probably immediately ex-communicate her. People should make Lindsay sign a friend contract that says “you will never actually tell people we’re friends.” Or else their popularity will fall 6% a day until they deny they know her.

And I also love how she says “I’ll only do the movie if I can work with James.” hahahaha. Ahh, that kills me. Like she’d turn down any role right now, let alone a HUGE role, because she wasn’t working with a certain actor? She’d probably do it for free if they gave her an ultimatum.

But the real problem here is that Lilo thinks she can somehow beat out Blake Lively for roles. Blake has been the “it” girl for a while now. She has a ton of stuff coming out, including a guaranteed blockbuster with Green Lantern. There’s no way Lindsay would ever be cast over Blake. That’s a JOKE.

If (key word… IF) Lindsay gets a chance to read for the parts, who do you think should be cast?

via OK! Magazine

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