Emma Stone like you’ve never seen her before

Here’s a trailer for THE HELP, a film coming out in August starring Emma Stone as a young journalist/civil rights advocate. It looks great, I know I’ll love it. The foolproof test is when a trailer makes me tear up. GUILTY!

I love that Emma Stone chose an unexpected role like this, especially since she’s trying to fill the young hot and talented niche. It’s obvious she wants to be taken seriously as an actress. But even when that’s the goal, some actresses still try to take a sexy role (a la Lindsay Lohan playing a porn star in her biography…. get my drift?) so more props to her that she chose the un-sexy route.

It’s hard for most actresses to the “I want you to take me seriously so bad that I’ll let you make me look like crap” thing. I heard Mariah Carey threw a fit when they put a upper lip hairs on her in Precious to make her appear kinda…. well…. gross. But let’s get real, it’s not like Mariah looks that much better in real life. EMMA DOES, THOUGH, so I imagine it’s much harder for her to de-glam.

Her hair is a hot mess in this whole trailer but her acting is great and her Southern accent is adorable and didn’t bother me a bit (the fake ones normally do). I think this is a great role for her, and will hopefully get her some better roles. She has Spiderman coming up and is setting herself up for a great position in Hollywood.

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