If Katherine Heigl has a stylist, they should be shot. THAT IS ALL.

I need to say a few things. #1, Katherine Heigl has quite possibly the worst haircut and style on the planet. The Academy loves actors that do drastic things for roles as usually reward them with an Oscar… like Christian Bale for losing weight to look like a crackhead in The Fighter, or when Natalie Portman trained for 4 months to portray a ballerina in Black Swan. I’m hoping Katherine is looking for an Oscar and cut her hair to morph into Hilary Clinton for a film. Then, and only then, will I forgive her.

#2, I truly believe no one should own anything in leopard print, or any animal print for that matter. The only time I’ve seen it look somewhat classy is in small amounts on platform Louboutin pumps. THAT’S IT. SO STOP WEARING LEOPARD, PEOPLE. YOU LOOK TACKY AND CHEAP.

#3, if you’re married (which Katherine is) and your husband lets you walk out of the house looking like that, you should divorce him. HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU. Someone that loves you would tell you that you’re about to make a God damn fool out of yourself in public and to leave your Shamwow skirt, Jerry Seinfeld puffy shirt, Snooki purse, and pirate boots at home.


For more (WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE MORE?) …. Lainey Gossip

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