Remember when 50 Cent wanted to win an oscar and lost 54 lbs to play a cancer patient? Uhhh, yeah… about that.

Holy crap. I feel really, really bad for 50 cent. Last year he was in the press a lot because he lost a ton of weight to play a cancer patient in the film Things Fall Apart. Everyone thought right away that he wanted an Oscar, or to just be taken seriously as an actor, since putting your body through something like that clearly takes dedication to your craft.

I was looking forward to the film and to see what he did with the character, a la Christian Bale in The Fighter, but I’m sad to say this is one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. Poor Fiddy. :(

It’s pretty terrible, right? To be honest I can’t feel that bad for him since he wrote the screenplay, starred in, and produced the film. Soooo…. yeah. About that.

Here are some photos of his weight loss, as well as an unintentionally hilarious screenshot of him in dread locks…

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