Megan Fox is getting her stupid Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed. IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Good news everyone. Looks like Megan Fox is getting her stupid Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed, which is (in my opinion) GREAT because I despise the pop culture Marilyn Monroe obsession, especially in young girls. Please see the comment below for full explanation:

Those are my thoughts. MOVING ALONG…. as you can tell on the right her tattoo is much more defined. On the left, it’s faded and most of the shading is gone. Looks like she’s been having work done on it to get it removed. I’m sure it’d be a pain in the ass in movies since she has to have makeup put on it constantly, and… well… IT’S UGLY so that would explain her removing it as well. She’s a step-mom now (so bizarre) and she’s trying to get more serious roles. It makes sense to me.

She’s currently working on an untitled Knocked-Up sequel with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. If you’ve seen Knocked Up, it’s going to be a storyline following Allison’s (Katherine Heigl) sister Debbie, played be Leslie Mann.

I’m wondering how they’ll weave Megan into the plot, but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to figure out a way.

Also…. I’m just sayin’…. her eyebrows are looking wack now. I like them much better on the right. She’s got a weird Elizabeth Taylor brow goin’ on, and ONLY ELIZABETH TAYLOR CAN PULL OFF AN ELIZABETH TAYLOR EYEBROW.

FYI, I stole all these pictures from Daily Mail.

One response

  1. Hey!! Marilyn Monroe is not stupid.. Megan’s idea of removing that tattoo is that maybe she wants to move on.. I hate this kind of Hollywood gossips, people judging people without having even meeting them in personal.. Grow up whoever made this!

    April 30, 2011 at 11:31 PM

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