A few pictures from “THE KISS”!

I guess when she got into the carriage with William she said “I’m so happy right now.” She looks SO HAPPY! I loved watching her ride in the carriage. She really is a princess of the people, just like Diana. Well, technically she’s not a princess, she’s the “Duchess of Cambridge” because she’s not royal blood (Diana was, distantly.) YOU LEARN SOMETHING EVERY DAY, RIGHT?

That’s why the Queen’s husband is a Duke, and when Charles becomes king, Camilla (his 2nd wife) will demain a Duchess because she doesn’t have royal blood either.

I have to say I like her dress, but I’m not a fan of the veil. It reminds me of a nun. I also like the top half of the dress much more than the bottom half. It reminded me of the dress from The Sound of Music that Julie Andrews wore when she got married. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? No? Well, OK then.

This really was a disappointing kiss. Yes, I understand they want to keep it classy, but there was no build-up. It was just like *wave*wave*wave*wave*KISS*wave*wave*… I almost missed it!

Is anyone else TEAM HARRY AND PIPPA? I love Kate’s little sister. Since her family is so rich, Pippa has been more of a socialite and is well known around the social scene. I’m sure she’ll marry well, BUT I WANT HER TO MARRY HARRY. He has been dating Chelsy Davy for years and years, but they’ve been on and off, and to me she doesn’t seem very classy like Kate, so I vote that he dumps her and marries Pippa! Pip pip, harray! GET IT? That was a play on words with Hip hip Hooray. I’M HILARIOUS.

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