Another day, another Real Housewife of Orange County in foreclosure.

Another day, another Orange County housewife going into foreclosure. BRAVO EXECUTIVES…. you need to do better casting in Orange County. Ask for a copy of their taxes. Ask what they have in savings. Geeeeeesh. Us ladies at home watch these shows because we like to slip into an alternate reality of glamor and glitz and riches. Watching a bunch of people go into foreclosure is depressing and pisses me off.

Why does it piss me off? Because all these ladies (the ones on OC) live above their means. This woman, Peggy, is new this season…her intro quote is bragging about how she drives a Bentley. A USED Bentley, mind you. But a Bentley nonetheless. WHY ARE YOU DRIVING A BENTLEY WHEN YOUR FREAKING HOUSE IS IN FORECLOSURE. Whyyyyyyyyy. She also got a boob job this year, and spends tons of money on Botox and “upkeep.”

I think it’s time for Bravo to end the Orange County series. In its heyday it was full of lottery winners and top 5% real estate agents. Now the only successful person not facing foreclosure is Vicki Gunvalson because she emotionally cheats on her husband with her job, so much that they’re now getting divorced. BUZZ KILL!

The other chapters of the show (New York, Beverly Hills) do much better with more “elite” ladies with old money. Recession-proof money. I don’t think there’s such thing as “recession-proof” money in Orange County. Which means it’s time to move on, Bravo.  And also, ladies, take this as a lesson. DON’T AGREE TO BE CAST IN ORANGE COUNTY HOUSEWIVES. It’s a curse of divorce and foreclosure.o

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