Reason #2,847 I hate Jesse James: He talks publicly about sex with Sandra Bullock

Jesse James went on the Howard Stern show this week and publicly, PUBLICLY, compared his sex life with fiance Kat Von D with Sandra Bullock. That’s super classy. AMERICA LOVES YOU JESSE. This will make them love you even more.

I’m taking bets on how long it is before we hear about money problems from him, because he’s been fame whoring super hard in the last few months. Rich people don’t do that. You don’t see Angelina Jolie on Howard Stern talking about having sex with Billy Bob Thorton, do you? No. Because she has money.

Anyway, here’s why I hate him:

“Who’s more fun in bed? Sandra Bullock or Kat?” – Stern
“That one’s an easy no-brainer” – Jesse
“Kat von D?” – Stern
“Yes, sir.  100 percent.  She’s a vixen, the way she gets in my head and makes me feel. It’s a mental thing. We’re just connected on a whole different level. With Sandra I always felt like any moment that rug was going to be yanked out. Yeah, she could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind I was thinking, yeah bullshit…’You don’t love me.” – James

On how long it took James to cheat on her:
“It took a couple years. It was like a very short bubble…It was hard. I married America’s sweetheart, and she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, but I’m still this fucked up kid from Long Beach. I did really love her and I did really care for her. The stuff that I did that was bad I don’t think necessarily nullifies everything I felt…I really did have real feelings for her.  The problem was me.”


“We adopted a kid at that time and it brought us closer together and actually our relationship was in a really good place. It was better than it had ever been in that moment.  I hadn’t totally fixed myself yet, but I put all of the stuff I was doing in check. I’m angry with myself for not doing the right thing, I should have just left her.”

“I’m one of those dudes that like, ‘Hey, somebody owes me money.  Cool, I’m going to knock their teeth out until they pay me.’  But all of a sudden I couldn’t do stuff like that before, because then it would become about Sandy.  Everything would have a reflection on her…All of a sudden I had to kind of live in this certain perception so no one got embarrassed and no one’s movie was affected.”

So they had marriage problems because he couldn’t knock people’s teeth out?

“Who would imagine that like a year ago, when everything was this giant shitstorm and I’m running around like a scalded dog, and who would imagine that one year later I’m happier than I’ve ever been?”
“I’ve met someone that makes me happy — an amazing woman that is willing to accept me for my faults and not try to change me and loves me like crazy and has my back.”

HOORAAAAY! Jesse James found a woman trashy enough to be OK with him kicking people’s teeth in when they owe him money. Fantastic.

In a nutshell: Jesse James is a trashy piece of crap with no class and (in my opinion) is having money problems because he’s being a huge fame whore.


One response

  1. Fuck that little wite boy both his shows suck, hey maybe he SR kid another piece of shit.

    December 6, 2012 at 4:58 PM

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