NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is the worst news I’ve heard. EVER. Season 4 of Jersey Shore has been delayed.

On Friday, the Jersey Shore cast left their Twitter pages unattended and departed for Italy…. they were filmed on their way to the airport and were told to go back home. Apparently the filming permits were revoked in Italy.

If you have followed the news progression, a while ago the mayor in Florence, Mayor Matteo Renzi, said he wouldn’t let the cast do a few things:

  • No shooting in bars, clubs or any place that promotes the reckless consumption of alcohol.
  • The cast is prohibited from drinking in public on camera.
  • Florence may not be portrayed as a drinking town.
  • And the cast must interact with authentic Italian people in authentic cultural settings — thus avoiding the city’s hordes of tourists and students

Which….. if you watch Jersey Shore… ALL THEY DO IS GET DRUNK IN BARS. When the news broke everyone was like “WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW? THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO FILM!” but I thought it was a publicity stunt/all talk because if MTV announced Season 4 was in Italy, they had permits already. There’s no way they’d announce something like that without having everything lined up. I wasn’t worried. To me, a mayor can’t just decide “oh, you can’t drink because it might make us look bad.” If it’s not a law you can’t just tell people they can’t drink. But lo and behold, he backed it up (months later) and he revoked their filming permits.

THIS IS HORRIBLE. I don’t care where it’s filmed, but it needs to happen STAT. How about you film them in living in the airport, like that movie Tom Hanks was in? They can eat at Sbarro every day and party in the VIP airport lounges with frequent flyers.

In summary, this is how I feel:

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