Real Housewives of New Jersey premier!! LIVE BLOGGING!


I’d like to designate May 16, 2011 as a national holiday, a day to remember. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. It’s the Season 3 Real Housewives of New Jersey premier! woooo! There are two new housewives, who are both related to Teresa Giudice….. Scroll to the bottom to get more information on the new cast members!

10:26 There was only one person talking shit at that place, and only one person to blame… and it was Melissa and Joe. Teresa was doing nothing but trying to keep the peace! They must feel so stupid looking at this.

10:25 ohhhhh myyyyyy God. This is crazy.

10:19 My dad is watching bits and pieces. “Is he a trouble maker?” “DAD….SHHHHHHH.” “IMA KILL EVERY ONE UH YOUZ!”-my dad mocking Joe

10:06 “I ignore her the way she ignores me at parties” WOW.

10:04 d’awwwwwwwww “This is the reason why I get up and go to work every day”

10:00 “She thinks she throws better parties than me, but she’s a faker” Why is everything a competition to Melissa?

9:57 Oh no. I got sucked into the shot and forgot I was supposed to be live blogging!!

9:40 “He’s getting chubby. He kinda looks cute!” – my mom about Chris

9:38 “I wanna be Southern really bad.”

9:36 I think I like Kathy. I like her vibe. I do not like Melissa at all so far.

9:34 OMG. RICH. Kathy’s husband. NEW FAVORITE. He’s ridiculous looking. He’s Lebanese.

9:33 They seem sooooo bitter that Teresa is friends with the Manzos. WHO CARES? Why can’t people have friends they consider close enough to call family?

9:43 annnnnnd enter KATHY. She’s Team Melissa, obviously.

9:32 “I can’t wait to welcome my son into God’s kingdom.”

9:28 Antonia, Gino, and Tony. hahahaha. I LOVE GUIDOS.

9:26 EWWW. Awkwardddddd. Why is he doing that to her feet on TV.

9:24 I’m glad to see Teresa talk responsibly about her money. “I’m done with the elaborate

9:20 Waaaaaaah, I have a job I’m not qualified for because my mom is famous and she won’t pay for me to live in the city so I don’t have to wake up early! :( WAAAAAHHHH

9:15 Dear Ashley, big girls don’t cry at work. “Her delivery sucks, she was talking to me like I was 5.” Uhhhh, don’t put your mom in that position! What grown adult asks their mom to pay for an apartment in NYC when they are living for free (with a free car) and only have to commute each day? Ridiculous.

9:13 “I pictured my children leaving one at a time.” Awwwwwwww, poor Caroline! She’s losing all her bubbies.

9:10 I’m glad to see that Joe’s pizza shop is doing well! It looks delicious.

9:05 OH SHIT. The drama is already going down! Physical altercations and we’re 5 minutes into the episode, hahahahaha…. intense, man!

Kathy Walker, who is Teresa’s cousin, seems like a piece of work. Some of her “before they were housewives” photos on are UH-MAZE-ING. You’re welcome.

Melissa Gorga is Teresa’s sister-in-law, married to her younger brother. They don’t get along, apparently. But she’s super gorgeous. Here are some “before she was a housewife” pictures:

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