Bachelorette premier tonight! FILL OUT YOUR BRACKETS! (No seriously. Here’s a bracket.)

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! The Bachelorette premiers tonight at 9/8 Central tonight. SO EXCITINGGGGGGG. I’m glad they picked Ashley to be the next Bachelorette. She’s smart, funny, and has pretty teef. She also doesn’t have a low-budget weave like Ally!

If you want to play along with me this season, DOWNLOAD this Bachelorette bracket and fill it while watching the episode tonight. Make sure you have at least the first round filled out by the time elimination happens…. no cheating! You can compete with your girlfriends and see how things end up by the end of the season. To avoid people cheating by reading Reality Steve, have someone collect them, or scan them and post them on my blog so I can laugh at your crazy predictions!

Click here for the big version!

Click here for a big version!

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