ON RECORD: My busted Bachelorette Bracket

Ugh, I messed up guys! I thought Ashley would follow the normal format of sending 10 guys home but I WAS WRONG sooooo, yeah. Sorry about that. She only sent home 5 so the whole bracket is messed up. *shakes fist in the air*

I’m going to stick to my bracket anyway and see how it goes because I think she’ll send home 5 guys next week so I can just start over then, hahaha. Anyway… here is my bracket so I can’t change it!

Click for a larger version of the Bachelorette bracket!

Here are the notes I took about the guys:

I have a good feeling about Constantine. Ryan P is obviously a favorite, but girls never go with who they SHOULD pick so I’m betting she picks Constantine. HOW CUTE WAS HIS INTRODUCTION TONIGHT? When he tied the piece of floss on her finger? I about died. I think that’s my favorite thing a guy’s done… ever.

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