7 paparazzi pictures that need an explanation from Jersey Shore season 4 in Italy

This is a picture of Deena HANGING OFF A BRIDGE in Italy and Snooki helping her back up. Wow.

There’s probably not much of a story behind this photo other than, “this is what we do all the time because we’re not allowed to drink in bars.”

The Situation taking not ONE Italian girl, but TWO Italian girls home. I also love that the girl on the right is mid-fall in this picture. Look at her foot! Those shoes are dangerous.

UH OH. Looks like Ronnie and Sam are back on the roller coaster ride to hell.


Looks like Ronnie is NOT happy that they traded in their Escalade for a…. whatever kind of car that is.

I want to know the background information on how this fight happened. And Why The Situation has either A) gained 50 pounds or, B) is smuggling Jersey Shore t-shirts underneath his hoodie.

One response

  1. lanz

    sammi’s not-eating-ever phase lasted one season. she doesnt look like a toothpick anymore. maybe the major twist is that she gets knocked up in italy!!!!!

    May 27, 2011 at 9:11 PM

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