Blake Lively’s publicist is her fairy godmother

Awwwwwww. Once upon a 2007, Blake Lively told David Letterman that Leonardo DiCaprio was her crush “growing up” which is 10% creepy and 90% really cute, since they’re dating now. It’s obvious her fairy godpublicist made her dreams come true and set her up with Leonardo DiCaprio a few weeks before her movie drops, but made sure she sealed the deal before releasing all her nude photos. And whatever, “they’re fake,” I don’t buy it. If this happened a few months after her movie was released, that’d be one thing. I might buy that the pictures are fake or that she didn’t release them herself. BUT…. the timing is too perfect. This is a typical Hollywood power move.

Anyway, here’s the video of her. She was 20 at the time of the interview. It’s almost like she’s a different person. She’s so giggly and nervous. Lately she’s poised and confident, well spoken and seems like she filters everything she says before it comes out. I think I like new and improved Blake more than 2007 Blake.b


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