First jeggings, now……… REVERSIBLE JEGGINGS? What do YOU think?

First jeggings, now REVERSIBLE jeggings! Whatever. Apparently these reversible space savers have been around since 2009, but this is the first I’ve heard of them since they were only in boutiques. Giuliana Rancic sports ’em (AKA she is paid to wear them and say nice things about them). via Stylebistro:

Giuliana says, “They’re amazing because they’re reversible, and I know it sounds crazy, but they are unbelievable. If you buy them in gray, they’re light gray on one side and dark gray on the other, so you get two different looks for the price of one. For traveling, that is so important because, you know, I can’t wear the same jeans every single day. But I have them in every color—it’s super cool.”

Bleulab’s double-sided denim sports sewn-in pockets with two-way zippers and button closures making them “100% reversible”. They’re also available in a variety of colors and styles that retail between $174-$216.

LOLWUT. $216? As in TWO-HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN 5 piece chicken nuggets from Wendy’s? Soooo not worth it. There’s no way to justify that. I’d rather buy all those chicken nuggets, or four pairs of $50 jeans and have $15 left over for a pair of Spanx!

Even if you could afford them for $216, can you imagine spilling a glass of wine, or getting a rip in them? Or just wearing them so much that they get worn out? Instead of ruining one pair, you’re ruining two. I get sad when I ruin my $20 TARGET JEANS. I’d probably go into a deep depression if I ruined $216 jeans.

What do you think? Worth it?

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