Britain’s Next Top Plus Sized Model: ROLAND.

BWAAAAAAHAHAHA. This is probably my favorite story all week! A fat guy named Roland thought he’d be funny and enter into Next’s Make Me The Next Model contest. He quickly gained support (even though I think Natalia is fierce!) and jumped into the top 10. They should’ve made sure to include “no MySpace angles” in the Terms and Conditions of the contest. via Daily Mail:

A CHUBBY British man is on his way to winning a major modelling competition after internet jokers hijacked the vote.

Roland Bunce, 24, from Belfast, is way ahead of prettier faces in UK fashion chain Next’s Make Me The Next Model contest, The Sun reports. He has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter, with his fans hoping his victory will break the conventional beauty barrier.

So far, Mr Bunce, a computer science student, has attracted 10,000 fans on Facebook; his name has been retweeted 1500 times on Twitter. One fan wrote: “Legend. I’ve just voted for you.” Another, imitating a football chant, joked, “He’s big, he’s round, he’s won £2,000. Roland B, Roland B.”

If he wins, Mr Bunce will get £2000 ($3070), a photoshoot and an introduction to top modelling agency Storm. He says he is “overwhelmed” by the support. A spokeswoman for retail chain Next said anyone was welcome to enter the contest.

You can support Roland and vote for that fierce bitch here!

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