Meet Medo, the cutest bear cup of all time. He’s like, “WASSUP?” and his owners are like, “CAN WE KEEP YEW?” and the government is all, “NO!” It’s sad, really. But I can understand why, especially since BEARS EAT PEOPLE. Didn’t you learn anything from Timothy Treadwell?

via Daily Mail:

He’s cute and cuddly – pictured here rolling about on a sofa, play-fighting with his adoptive father and hugging the family dog. But come adulthood and the development of his natural instincts, it will be an entirely different matter. It is for this reason that Medo the brown bear is at the centre of an extraordinary custody battle between the family that has taken him in and Slovenian animal experts.

Medo, who takes his name from the Slovenian for bear, wandered into the garden of the Logar family four weeks ago. It is thought his mother abandoned him. The Logars are seeking permission to build an enclosure, on their land in the central Slovenian village of Podvrh, where the three-and-a-half month old will be able to live. But the country’s environment inspectors and vets have said it is too dangerous and are urging he be placed into a shelter for wild animals.

Medo, who Slovenia’s national newspapers have said has ‘stolen the nation’s hearts’, now has more than 550 fans on Facebook. Looking at these extraordinary photographs, it is easy to see why. But it is also understandable that the authorities are exercising great caution with regards to Medo’s future at Matevz Logar’s home

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