7-year-old accidentally beats out 1,700 applicants to win a coveted spot on a prestigious art gallery

Rebekah Poulin was on a photo sharing website, I’m guessing Flickr, and meant to tranfer her daughter’s drawing of a penguin into a private folder. She accidentally uploaded it to a public folder containing entries in a national art contest held by the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. via The Daily What:

A year later she received an unexpected e-mail: 7-year-old Leilah beat out 1,700 applicants to win a coveted spot on the gallery’s wall. “It seems it all happened because I’m such an idiot,” Rebekah said. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I uploaded Leilah’s picture.”

The contemporary art gallery, which exhibits pieces by Damien Hirst and other Young British Artists, was opened in 1985 by Saatchi & Saatchi co-founder Charles Saatchi.

“Does this mean I’m a famous artist?,” asked Leilah, who can’t wait to go to London to see her art.

They included a link to the gallery, whose homepage I visited. This is a picture they have there for an upcoming exhibit. This is why I think 70% of art is a joke! I would say the typical, “I could do that” but I would never ACTUALLY do that because it’s stupid, so it’s not relevant to say.

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