RIP Kelly Osbourne’s dog Noodles. You had a really cute name.

Aw man, I didn’t personally know Noodles but the name is so cute I decided he deserved an obituary on my blog.

Noodles died in the comfort of his own mansion with Kelly Osbourne. He had a lot of good times with Ozzy, SHARRRRRONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!, and Kelly’s brother whose name I can’t remember at this particular moment. He leaves behind severl chew toys, a few mismatched socks he has collected over time, and his charity foundation Celebrity Dogs for Unspayed and Unneutered Animals.

He will be missed. If you’d like to read a serious article detailing what happened (warning: depressing) you can head on over to the article I stole this picture from on…… a serious website.

One response

  1. Anonymous

    I think her brother’s name is Jack. But what a cute puppy. RIP :(

    June 17, 2011 at 2:39 PM

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