Reason #465 I don’t like (most) cops: PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME

Photography and videography is legal in public places. You don’t have to get permission. No one can tell you to stop. IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. But cops LOVE to act like it’s against the law. This cop arrested this man for “not obeying an order” to stop recording a public meeting. So according to this officer’s logic, if he tells you to make him a sandwich and you refuse, he can arrest you. via The Daily What

Photography Is Not A Crime of the Day: Producer Jim Epstein was attending a public meeting of the D.C. Taxi Commission concerning a proposed medallion system when he saw two police officers arrest journalist Pete Tucker — an outspoken critic of medallions — for snapping a photo of the proceedings.

Epstein filmed the arrest and the resulting outrage with his cell phone (above), and was later arrested himself as he attempted to leave the building.

According to his report, Epstein was told by an officer who promised an employee of the Taxi Commission she would retrieved his phone to “stay put.” After he informed the officer he was leaving and motioned to exit, he was immediately surrounded by other officers, and was subsequently arrested when he tried to grab the attention of nearby cab drivers.

Epstein says he was placed in a holding cell for the remainder of the day, but managed to leave with the footage of Tucker’s arrest.

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