Suppose you had a twin, and he was gay and you were not. Now imagine you were also joined at the head

Conjoined twins Stefan and Tyler Delp were supposed to be separated at the age of 3, but the surgery was deemed too risky by doctors and they’re grown up together and  “I wouldn’t have it any other way,’ said Stefan. ‘Tyler is my best friend.”

Stefan said he has a crush on actress and singer Jennette McCurdy, 18, while Tyler prefers folk singer Steve Forbert, 54….At lease they’re facing in different directions? That could get awkward.

The twins have learned how to adapt to their unusual life. When one walks forward the other walks backwards. If they stop to speak to someone, they have to spin so they both get the chance to see the other person. via The Daily Mail

Tim Delp and Nancy Hoffman had only been married for four years when 14 weeks into the pregnancy a routine ultrasound revealed that it would not be a normal birth.

The couple were told by doctors that they thought their babies shared facial features and that there was a 95 per cent fatality risk and that they should consider terminating the pregnancy.

‘I couldn’t kill a fly,’ said Mrs Hoffman-Delp. ‘Let alone think about aborting a child. If my babies were going to die, it was going to be in my arms’

‘As soon as they were born, I totally fell in love with them,’ the early-years teacher said.

There are a bunch more photos over at Daily Mail, I didn’t want to post them her because not everyone wants to see them I’m assuming. Pretty wild story, though.

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