That one time I RESCUED A BABY BUNNY. Because I’m a hero.

Last night I was sleeping and heard this noise right behind my head in the window. I was SURE someone was trying to break into it and murder me. It was a great test of how I would react in an “I’m about to get murdered” situation. I stayed perfectly still for a good 30 seconds terrified and would’ve been prime murder-them-without-a-struggle material. I AM THE PERSON I HATE IN HORROR MOVIES. The person I yell at saying, “WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE? RUN!!” Yeah. That was me.

Anyway, after getting some courage I shined my light on the window and couldn’t see any murderers so I decided to go back to bed. This morning I heard it again and turned around to find a baby bunny! An adorable cute baby bunny just tryin’ to live his life but he got stuck.

I staged a rescue. My rescue failed after I went down there and he started to freak out. That’s when I recruited the Bunny Whisperer AKA John Lieb who has become a bunny expert in recent months. Here’s a video of the whole thing goin’ down. PRETTY AWESOME. I should get a medal.

I somehow managed to film one the correct way and one the wrong way so it messed up the formatting. SORRY YOU HAVE TO WATCH WITH YOUR HEAD SIDEWAYS. I’m not a professional. Also, sorry I screamed, and sorry I sound like a freak… I’m very sick right now. IT HAPPENS, OK?

One response

  1. xtina

    Thats me! Little bunny!

    June 29, 2011 at 7:29 PM

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