Best interview ever by Patrick Dempsey.

Here’s a hilarious phone interview with Patrick Dempsey while he’s hauling his kids around, doing 50 million things at once. This is my favorite part:

Do you have lots of different shampoos and conditioners?
No, I don’t like to deal with it. No! Stay on the sidewalk, don’t run into the street! Shonda Rhimes says that my hair has its own number on the call sheet. C’mon buddy, I’m sorry where were we? All day long I’m running after them and I’m trying to have some family time and at the same time I’m promoting this movie.

SEE? Celebrities are (somewhat) normal, just like you and me!

One response

  1. Stephanie

    Where did you find this at?

    July 3, 2011 at 8:22 PM

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