Dog allergic to grass so he gets some cute little boots!

Awww, this makes me so happy. Also, to the stupid random people that actually walk up to the dog owner and tell them it’s “cruel” to make a dog wear little booties, SHUT UP. You are so, so annoying. I hate people like you. via The Daily What:

8-year-old Jack Russell Jaxs would be as fun-loving as the next dog were it not for the sad fact that the playful pup is allergic to grass. According to owner Maria Domanic, a single blade of grass is enough to cause a painful reaction, leading to fur loss and paw sores.

But Jaxs is once again frolicking around the great outdoors with nary a care thanks to a local vet who recommended a pair of specially-fitted “doggy boots” made of canvas and Velcro.

“I’ve had a few people make some odd comments branding me ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ for dressing him up in clothes,” says Domanic. “I have to explain it’s for his own good and not some fashion statement I’m trying to make.”

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