Casey Anthony found not guilty… my view on things.

Twitter exploded during the Casey Anthony verdict being read. So many people saying this makes them lose faith in the justice system, and not understanding how she was found not guilty. But in my opinion, I feel the opposite. I think this gives me more faith in the justice system. This was the correct verdict, given the circumstances. Hear me out….

The phrase is, “innocent until proven guilty.” Not “innocent until the jury’s gut feeling is you’re guilty.” As a juror you can’t convict someone based on your gut feeling or circumstantial evidence. If jurors could do that a lot of innocent people would be in jail. The prosecution couldn’t even prove A CAUSE OF DEATH. The body was too decomposed to prove how Caylee died, so how can a juror convict Casey of murder when they can’t be sure how her daughter died?

It’s painfully obvious to me (and everyone else) that Casey is guilty. But the evidence just wasn’t there. Yes the system is flawed, it’s never going to be perfect. But it’s good to know that jurors aren’t being swayed by the media and simply went by the facts in this case. No cause of death, no witnesses, no confession…. no conviction.

Casey will receive justice eventually, whether it be from God or from a crazed “fan” that spends their time picketing her house for the rest of her life. Maybe in jail (if she doesn’t get credit for time served). Who knows what will happen. But what I do know is that I know is the rest of Casey’s life is going to be miserable wehther or not she’s in jail. Whether or not she has a nice house. Whether or not she finds a nice husband. None of that matters… what matters is she’s going to have to live with the guilt of killing her daughter and getting away with it for the rest of her life. That guilt will manifest in different ways and eat away that any joy she experiences FOREVER. Her family will have to live with the guilt of knowing they lied and assisted their daughter in getting away with killing their grandaughter. She’ll have to know that at least one person (George Anthony) knows the truth. It’s simple really…. she accused him of assisting her in covering the “accident” up. If he didn’t assist her, which I don’t think he did, he’s obviously aware of that fact therefore he knows she did it.

It will be interesting to see if she goes back to living with her parents, if she moves away, if she tries to make things go back to normal. It will all be very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does some interviews for money and tries to get a reality show or something. Dumb ho.

2 responses

  1. Marjorie

    I realize that there was no cause of death. But come on now, no child gets duct tape on their mouth by accident. To me, the fact that she did not report her daughter missing for one month and the fact that she lied to cops when they were investigating Caylee’s disapperance should more than prove her guilt. Scott Peterson was convicted on so much less evidence than what was presented in this case. My gut tells me the jury was just too tired to go over all the evidence and decided to just vote not guilty. Most people who are convicted of murder are convicted on circumstancial evidence. Of course there were no witnesses to this crime, the only witness is dead. That doesn’t mean Casey is innocent. The manner of death could not be confirmed but the cause of death was stated as murder. No one covers up an accident to look like a murder. That also should have convinced the jury of her guilt. I would have hung that jury had I been on it. Caylee will never get justice because her killer went free. But I hope Casey will get sued by Zanada Gonzales and won’t be able to profit from any book or movie deal. This trial was a farce and the verdict was an injustice

    July 7, 2011 at 3:31 PM

  2. You have an interesting view, with many valid points. However, Marjorie has presented an excellent rebuttal. I think Casey Anthony is guilty. The circumstantial evidence was overwhelming. The forensic evidence was not. The jury (and both legal teams) relied far too heavily on forensics. A jury (most regular people) expect DNA. If they don’t get it they don’t think the case is clear enough.

    However, I think what is significant in the case is how lying annihilated our justice system.

    I had a law school professor explain criminal court very simply. The prosecution wants to make the case clear (leaving no doubt). The defense doesn’t necessarily want to convince the jury of the defendant’s innocence, they don’t have to. They only have to confuse (creating doubt).

    Casey Anthony has made a life for herself lying. She small, cute, young, sincere, and is a prolific liar. Casey Anthony’s tool of choice to obtain what she wants and needs is to lie. Whether it’s clothes at Target, or cash for the bar, or getting away with not being held responsible in any way shape or form for the death of her only child.

    People who can pull off lying to this degree often find themselves diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Lying to this depth is the perfect tool for causing insane amounts of confusion in a court case.

    It’s fascinating to see what scientists say; that people with this disorder lie convincingly because in their own minds, they aren’t lying. Others have put forth the idea that individuals with this disorder lie convincingly – even after having been proven a pathological liar – because they have no fear of being caught and no remorse.

    Which brings us back to your post. While nearly inconceivable, it is possible Casey Anthony is not a murderer. However, she is a liar of epic proportions. Because of this, Casey Anthony will have no regrets. Ever. She is physically unable to have them. Because you are a decent human being full of empathy for others you are assuming she feels things just like everyone else – it’s a very logical, very human assumption.

    But Casey Anthony is a monster of epic proportions. Not because I think she killed her child (although that’s a darn good reason), but because she is unable to do what you did in your post. She can’t empathize. She doesn’t have the same human feelings you and I have. Not because she is mean – but because she is built that way.

    Worse, this type of ‘person’ is so alien in their inner workings yet project such a charming exterior – they are nearly impossible to identify until they have utterly destroyed dozens of lives.

    It is by that destruction they can be identified.

    Casey Anthony has destroyed countless lives. Friends, family, and even strangers. She will never have guilt or remorse. She can’t.

    July 8, 2011 at 1:36 AM

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