Sleepy bear with a fish

d’awwwww…. this is what I look like sometimes, except replace the fish with a bag of Hot Fries. via The Daily What:

Photographer and 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest hopeful Rick Sheremeta sets up the scene for his entry, “Quick Cat Nap”: On a recent photo trip to Alaska’s McNeil River, I spent four days observing and photographing Brown Bears. The bears routine became pretty obvious – they’d fish for a while until their bellies were full, then they’d wander off into the grass for a little nap. This ole gal never quite got that far – after snaring this salmon, she wandered into a shallow pool at the side of the river, cradled the fish under her arm, and promptly nodded off. It was really comical to see her just sitting there sound asleep.

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