Harry Potter crushes the box office, and it’s only Friday!


Harry Potter is already DESTORYING box office records and it’s only Friday. I was looking at tickets last night and every single midnight showing in Columbus was sold out. I’m going to see it tonight, need to buy my tickets! Hopefully everything isn’t sold out already. According to Deadline.com:

Domestically, $45 million has been  collected already in pre-sales for this opening North America weekend, including $27M for tonight’s 3,000+ midnight screenings which could reach $40M alone. Internationally, $43.6 million has been added from the 24 of 59 countries where the franchise finale opened Wednesday. Another 19 nations debut the movie Thursday but that figure won’t be available until tomorrow. By Friday, the film will playing in an additional 16 territories as well as in 4,575 theaters in the U.S. and Canada. What these numbers mean is that Warner Bros is on track to break its own Dark Knight domestic opening 3-day weekend record of $158M. Helped by Harry Potter – Part 2‘s higher 3D ticket prices, the new pic could reach $180M. 

 Did anyone see it last night at midnight? How was it?

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