The only thing cuter than a cuddly Koala is a cuddly BABY Koala!

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AWWWWW. My favorite animal changes every day. Today it’s a Koala because that’s what it was all through high school. Now I remember why! Because they’re friggen adorable and I want to eat their faces! not really, but I mean… you get what I mean. THEY’RE SUPER CUTE. via Zooborns:

Meet the as-yet-unnamed joey Koala, one of a whopping 11 baby Koalas at Australia’s Dreamworld’s Wildlife Experience who are getting close to emerging from their mother’s pouches . They will be the latest additions to the Koala colony there. Mom Beejay and her little 5 month old joey is featured in today’s post.

While gestation is only 34 days, the baby koala then lives in it’s mother’s pouch for about another 6 months, where it continues to grow to the point of making an appearance.

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