Every tidbit of news from John Mayer’s new album makes me all ALSKJD:LAKSJD:LKJ:LKWJE:LKJ:LKZJS

John Mayer’s album (unofficially titled Born and Raised) is coming out in October (SUPPOSEDLY.) Someone I’ve never heard of before today was tweeting about John’s album. I guess it’s his vocal coach.

This news is very exciting. Not surprisingly, though. I mean, YEAH. John Mayer’s album will obviously be great. All of his albums are great. I’m just excited that he’s actively working on it and maybe he’ll let us in on a few tracks. Hope so.

John, if you ever read this, please go back to making your love-related songs, like “3×5” “Split Screen Sadness” and “Great Indoors.” They were lyrical masterpieces that I still enjoy listening to on repeat. You don’t have to make the whole album full of those, but maybe just a few for us ladies? Thanks, boo boo.

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