Crazy, Stupid Love and Cowboys & Aliens movie reviews

Here’s a Guys and Girls double feature movie review. A little something for everyone! This weekend I got to two VERY different films. Both of them have big casts so I had big expectations. Here are two reviews to give you an ideal of drool-factor and what is worth seeing!


CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE I have been psyched to see this movie for months, that has been well documented! I got pre-screening tickets to see it a few weeks back and unfortunately couldn’t go, so I sent my sister instead. She LOVED IT, so much that she went to see it again with me late on Friday.

OH MY GOSH, you guys. It was so good. It’s the best rom-com I’ve seen in years. Probably my favorite since Notting Hill. Yeah, I WENT THERE. It’s up there with classics. You absoultely have to see it.

I’ll start the review with the acting, because that’s the most important thing. The cast is stellar. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Steve Carell… I mean… superstar cast. Even the supporting cast of Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon… really well done. You can’t go wrong there. It is the perfect balance of characters. They’re all different and developed and well-acted. Ryan Gosling is on Greek-God-Hotness alert all throughout the film. At moments he takes his character a little too far and had borderline homosexual tendencies with the over the top hand-talking and moments of a slight New York accent. But whatever, I’m overlooking it because he’s so gorgeous. We’re getting married, FYI. Emma Stone is hilarious and charming as always, and my main complaint is I thought she’d be in the film more! She should’ve had more screen time. I have zero complaints about the cast, except that the babysitter reminded me of the T-Mobile girl and it was distracting. Unless you’ve seen the film you won’t understand, but for those who have seen it…. YOU SEE IT, RIGHT?

Next… the script. The story takes so many turns I wasn’t expected, and the ending… holy moly. It does not end how I thought it was going to end. I can’t say more or else I’ll give stuff away, but really… so good. SO GOOD. I need a better vocabulary because do is cuss, say *drool*, SO GOOD, TERRIBLE, and I’m awkward a lot. Sorry guys. I’m working on it. In summary, it’s not your typical rom-com.

My only complaint is the film seemed a little long, and I kept thinking it was ending but then it wasn’t over. There are a several scenes I could’ve done without, or that should have been shortened. But in the end I didn’t mind it because I enjoyed the cast so much so seeing more of them wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I’m still shocked it opened in 5th place. They should’ve released this around the holidays, in my opinion. Or at least later in the summer. Putting it up against Harry Potter, Smurfs, Cowboys & Aliens, and Captain America? What were they thinking? I mean, I know none of those are exactly girl-friendly films, but still. Bad decision, in my opinion. It still did pretty well ($19 million opening weekend), but was dwarfed by the other films and would’ve done much better on its own.

This is an absolute must-see, and will probably be a repeat film for many of you. I plan on seeing it again! It’s not a movie you have to see in theaters, you can wait to Redbox it. Honestly though? It’s so good I don’t know why you’d want to wait until it’s out on DVD.


COWBOYS & ALIENS At heart, I’m a romantic comedy kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, though…I also enjoy action, thrillers, drama, documentaries… just about any well-made film, really. Cowboys & Aliens definitely wasn’t my FIRST choice at the theater, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. If you’re not into action movies at all, you won’t like it. It’s not a film that crosses barriers and is enjoyable to all audiences. But if you like watching shit blow up, you’ll like Cowboys & Aliens.

I had high hopes for this film. Any time I see big stars on the roster, like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde… and big producers like Steven Spielberg… I’m expecting a great product. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but I still liked it.

First and foremost… the acting. Overall it was solid, but you guys….Olivia Wilde was so bad. Oh my Lordddd, she was awful. Her character seemed like an afterthought and completely unnecessary. That’s not her fault though, right? She can only work with what she’s given in a script. But that’s the thing. She did nothing with what she was given. She made the same facial expression the whole film (probably bcause her face is frozen from Botox) and added nothing to the film. If anything she took away from it. There was one scene where her acting was so terrible I couldn’t focus on what was happening on screen. I was just thinking to myself, “This is soooo…. badddddddd” then an alien popped on the screen. Scrared the shit out of me because I WAS TOTALLY UNPREPARED and distracted by her bad acting. I yelped and threw my arms up in the air to cover my face. My entire popcorn literally flew into the air all over my friend Allison and me. Straight out of a movie, seriously. POPCORN EVERYWHERE. Then we sat there laughing for like 30 seconds during a super serious moment when the theater was extra quiet. It was hilarious.

If you ignore Olivia Wilde‘s frozen face and terrible acting, Daniel Craig was fantastic. As always. And super sexy, *drool*! His character was interesting and developed. Harrison Ford was surprisingly great as a pseudo-bad-guy, and while watching I loved to hate his character, and hated to love him. Great casting and execution for the men.

The story and plot were also pretty good. The aliens were the coolest I’ve ever seen in a film. They didn’t fit your sterotypical alien special effect cliche. OK, well maybe they did a little bit. But there’s a twist that I won’t ruin for you. Pretty neat. Super scary. Like I said, popcorn EVERYWHERE!

It’s not a film I’ll see again, or tell you that you HAVE to see it, but I definitely enjoyed it and don’t regret seeing it. Guys will like it much more than girls. There’s not much of a love story to distract you from stuff blowing up and scary aliens. Olivia Wilde is eye candy, but unfortunately for you guys isn’t naked at all in it. Well wait, I think you see her ass. So you have that going for you.

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  1. Good work! You got them all! (I have removed Your sploier, but will add it again in a few days. Everyone should get a chance to solve it first.)I did know about the site You suggested, but I don’t think it was there that this wordknot was made. Anyway, now anyone reading this can follow that link and make their own wordknot. Maybe about planets in the Spinward Marches next time That would be a a bit harder.

    May 22, 2012 at 11:18 PM

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