Casey Anthony spotted at Old Navy in Columbus. Wearing an OSU hat. CRAP.

I mean REALLY? You had to wear an Ohio State hat? Like we haven’t received enough bad press lately? Sigh. Turns out those private plane rumors when she got released probably ended up being true. A rep for the university tells TMZ,

“We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world. Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative.”

It was a good effort at damage control, no? Anyway, moving on from my Ohio State butthurtness…. THE PICTURES. Man. They’re crazy. She gained a LOT of weight. I’m not saying she’s fat (she’s not) but it’s just a lot of weight to gain so quickly. She was very thin exiting jail:

And then you see the most recent pictures of her from the side. Different story:

These pictures aren’t the best examples. I’m on my lunch break and TMZ has some weird protection on the pictures so I can’t save them. You can look at the gallery here. So I had to find some pictures in Google images and my choices are sparce. In the gallery, the photos of her frame that leave no doubt in my mind it’s actually Casey. Because you know there will be the, “That’s not her!” deniers.

But it’s definitely her. She’s just shaped the same. Yes, her boobs seem bigger and her face is fuller, but I mean… it happens. Maybe she did it intentionally? Who knows. She actually looks better, I think. She cut her hair and has some makeup on.

She was shopping at Old Navy, I guess. What makes me wonder though, is how obviously the photos were taken of her. She’s walking down the sidewalk and straight ahead is someone taking a picture of her. There aren’t any pictures of her walking away or tying to hide her face. And I mean, how can you miss someone with a camera RIGHT. THERE. Maybe they hired an agency to take photos and sell them to the press? Because she couldn’t get any interview money from the big networks? I mean, she’s got to pay for her “treatment” somehow, and a lot of celebrities are selling their own photos now. She pulled a Spencer Pratt!

I love how Jose Biaz, her lawyer, said she’d “never be found.” Like she was in Cuba or something. All along she’s in Ohio, where most people figured she’d go, and it took like… a month to be photographed. NICELY DONE.

She apparently has a hearing with her probation officer in Orlando today or tomorrow. I think her lawyers are trying to get her out of it. To be honest, I haven’t been following the story much post-trial. I don’t really care. But I do think playing detective is fun, and the fact that she’s in my hometown is interesting. If I see her I’ll follow her and sell the address to TMZ fo sho! Pay off some tuition debt! HOLLA. Thanks Casey Anthony.

2 responses

  1. chuck

    old navy should be boycotted against now………….

    August 3, 2011 at 2:25 PM

  2. Anonymous

    She’d receive an interesting greeting in Cuba, once they found out who she is, I have no doubt.

    August 3, 2011 at 2:45 PM

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