Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the BEST CAT ANTHEM/INTERNET VIDEO EVER.

I laughed throughout this entire. fucking. thing. The lyrics are NSFW but you can still let your cat listen to it because they don’t understand English. Did you know that?

Holy shit, it’s another fucking day
It’s the best day ever again
’cause I’m a stupid fucking cat and I don’t know shit
And I don’t know what it is to be sad

I think I’ll run around for no good reason
And I act like there’s stuff I gotta do
I have no idea how much the world sucks
’cause I have no reference level

Holy hell! That guy’s bringing me food
This food sucks but I don’t even know it
Now I’m shitting in a box ’cause I don’t give a fuck
And a guy throws it out for me

Now I think I’ll lie down here
’cause I got no fucking bills to pay

Sometimes I look out windows ’cause I’m stupid as hell
Holy Christ, it’s a piece of paper

I have no idea how pointless I am
And I don’t even know I’m gonna die
Now it’s time to go to bed
Because it’s the best day ever tomorrow



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One response

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha

    August 8, 2011 at 6:42 PM

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