Step 1: Home invasion. Step 2: strap a bomb collar on some rich people’s daughter. Step 3: ???? (spoiler alert, she’s OK)

Seriously, doesn’t this sound like it’s straight out of a Saw film? This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever read. SPOILER ALERT: she makes it out alive because it was an “elaborate hoax.” Not hoax as in, “haha, just kidding!” but hoax as in, “we don’t know how to make a real bomb but we’ll make it look like it’s a real bomb so you still pay ransom” type situation. Except it’s a little more complicated than that… let me explain.

Madeleine Pulver's home that was broken into

The poor girl’s name is Madeleine. Except she’s not poor… she goes to the most prestigious school in Sydney and her parents are William and Belinda Pulver, one of Sydney’s wealthiest families. I’m guessing that’s why she was was targeted.

Here are the facts: While she was at home studying for exams in the kitchen, an unknown man broke into the house, put the collar bomb on her, told her it would blow up if she tried to take it off, attached a note to the bomb, and left.

Police were called, they had to bring in bomb experts from Britain. They were able to get the thing off after TEN. FREAKING. HOURS. Can you imagine how traumatized that poor girl is? I mean, I can’t even imagine. That sounds absolutely terrible.

Here’s where things are weird, though. The note wasn’t a ransom note. The note was signed “Dick Straun”, who is the main character in the book, Tai-Pan. Maddie’s brothers and most of her male friend’s go to a different private school, Sydney Church of England Grammar, where the book Tai-Pan was on the recommended reading list last year. Police are seeing if it was possible another student that did it.

There is a large scale investigation being launched and they’re trying to figure out who did it by using forensic evidence on the collar bomb. Hopefully they’re able to find the people responsible and put them in jail for a long, long time. Or they can make them be the next cast members of the Saw film franchise turned reality show. That’d be a fitting punishment, wouldn’t it?

There is currently a bidding war going on for an exclusive interview with Maddie to find out more details, but her family is obviously well off enough to turn down those offers. They said she wants to go back to a normal life and be left alone. So much so that she played in a field hockey game and is taking exams this week. Good for her!

You can read more about the story over at Daily Telegraph, where I stole these pictures from.

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