Interview with beer drinking Mark Zuckerberg talking about his recent “The Facebook” startup.

*cries* Remember when Facebook was just for college students/young people? This Mark Zuckerberg interview will bring you back to those days. Have fun reminiscing the time when your parents couldn’t write on your wall, and you didn’t have to hide your tagged photos in fear that a coworker will see a new tagged photo of you from friday where you’re passed out on someone’s front lawn before you have time to delete it.

The funniest/most ironic part to me is when Mark talks about how his goal isn’t to “take over the world” and saying he created Facebook to simply be a resource for college students to find out information about other students, and that’s how he wanted to keep it. Makes sense, right? He was a socially awkward Harvard student, so how appropriate for him to create a tool to help him prepare for social situations to potentially make them less awkward. Going to parties immediately following the creation of Facebook probably went something like this for Mark:

“Oh, yeah, I checked you out on The Facebook before I left tonight and I saw that you’re into jujutsu. I recently started studying Bartitsu and Juto and maybe we can get together sometime and meditate? We can talk about techniques, maybe take notes. Want to make a powerpoint?”

When that resulted in exactly zero dates and quite a few situations where things got MORE awkward, Mark was probably like, “FUCK THIS, this isn’t helping my social life AT. ALL. Let’s take over the world and start letting all the old people join and we’ll become millionaires.” Then Justin Timberlake was like, “Mark, a million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION DOLLARS. And Jujutso.” And that’s the story of how Facebook was opened to your grandma.

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  1. And I lived in New York five years, where the rent stabilization mnaicehsm is one reason landlords harass long-term immigrant tenants into leaving, so that they can get transient students who pay much more money.

    May 22, 2012 at 11:30 PM

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