Shaq makes his girlfriend look like a toddler.

I know this picture is a week old. A bunch of you have sent it to me, sorry it’s taken so long to post…. but seriously. THIS IS REAL. This isn’t photoshopped.

This is actually what Shaq looks like holding his girlfriend’s hand. It’s….. it’s creepy. There’s no other word for it. I know he can’t help that he’s so tall, but please get a girlfriend that’s taller than 5’2″.

Also, THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF SHORT BITCHES TAKING THE TALL GUYS. There is some 6’2″ Amazon freak of nature woman out there that wants to kill this girl for taking the only man in the world that could make a 6’2″ woman feel small and little.

One response

  1. This is one of the all-time greatest posts ever, in the htsoiry of this post. I seriously thought you were going to bring up that other Tenacious D song, you know the one, about the French tickle and the roundish bed. Yeah, that one.And we never heard from Bethany again. Or did we?No. No, we didn’t.

    May 20, 2012 at 8:59 PM

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