Study: An hour of TV can shorten your life by 22 minutes.

Bad news. It turns out all the hours I’ve spent watching Jersey Shore have reduced my life span by hours, and hours, and hours. Ok let’s be real. By this point My 22 minutes have added up to decades in total. But you know what? IT’S WORTH IT. MSNBC reports:

The AFP news agency said scientists at the School of Population Health at the University of Queensland studied 11,000 Australian adults who were aged at least 25 in the year 2000.

The academics checked their data against an estimate from 2008 that Australians aged 25 or above watched TV for 9.8 billion hours. This was associated with the loss of 286,000 years of life, the AFP said.

An extrapolation of these figures found that a single hour of TV was responsible for the loss of just under 22 minutes of life, the news agency reported.

Smoking two cigarettes has approximately the same effect.

The problem is not actually TV itself but the lack of activity by the viewer for long periods, the researches said. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, excess weight and other health problems are associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Basically what they’re saying is every hour if inactivity (AKA television time) is shortening your life by 22 minutes because you’re going to become a fat ass. Or you already are a fat ass and you’re not doing anything about it. I’m not sure I buy that. That would be like saying every one hour I spend at work being a zombie in front of my computer screen will shorten my life because I’m not exercising. Which isn’—well actually, now that I think about that, it’s probably true. I should quit my job and just watch TV all day if it’s going to have the same effect on my life span.

This is just another reason why having a DVR is vital to your quality of life. IT’ NOT JUST ABOUT CONVENIENCE. Commercials are killing you! If you fast forward all of them, you’re literally adding extra time onto your life. I will use this argument when my parents try to cancel that part of the cable package. “BUT MOM. IT WILL KILL ME. Do you want me to die?”

Am I going to reduce the amount of television I watch? HELL NO. Teen Mom and Jersey Shore are worth not living another 22 minutes in the nursing home while my roommate watches TBN. I’d rather enjoy quality reality television now than enjoy an additional 22 minutes of The 700 Club while wearing an adult diaper when I’m 80.

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