“That guy from the Notebook” broke up a street fight and someone recorded it

My favorite part of this video isn’t the fact that Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight… or even that the girl identified Gosling as, “that guy from The Notebook.” It’s that the title of this video is “st marks place fight with Ryan Gosling yes i stood there ..why would i wanna get hit in the face??”

And honestly?  She has a point. I probably would’ve just stood there, too. Either that, or I would’ve started banging some pans together yelling, “POP OFF! POP OFF! POP OFF! POP OFF! POP OFF!” in that dude’s face until he left me alone.

One response

  1. Oh my god…everything about this delights me so much. I can’t believe I never even knew about POP OFF! I need to start watching this show.

    August 23, 2011 at 9:17 AM

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