My new (and surprisingly age appropriate) obsession: Dylan O’Brien.

We all know I’m obsessed with John Mayer and Jon Hamm, who are both in their 30’s (or… 40’s in Hamm’s case). They even have their own categories (Hubby #1 and Hubby #2). We can agree it’s a good change of pace for me to be obsessed with someone in my own age bracket that isn’t named isn’t John. My therapist would be proud.

Granted, Dylan O’Brien, my new crush, is a bit young. 19 years young, to be exact. But my theory is if… he isn’t young enough to be my child or old enough to be my parent, it’s still considered age appropriate. That’s how I rationalize it, at least.

So yes, meet Dylan. He is a supporting actor on the MTV series Teen Wolf, my new guilty obsession! It just was picked up for a second season. He started out with a YouTube channel (you can see it here, videos are still up). He did that for several years, then somehow got involved in acting. I’m not going to pretend like I know how he ended up on Teen Wolf  (I haven’t done very much stalking…YET) , but I’m thankful he did because he’s my favorite part of the show. Super good timing, adorable, and hot in a nerdy, skinny-kid way. It’s how I feel about Andrew Garfield, but unlike my relationship with Andrew, Dylan is a full-blow obsession since he’s got the funny factor. It started when I followed him on his Twitter (here) and he made me laugh on there, too.

What do you think? Obsession worthy? Or should I stick with age-inappropriate old-man crushes like Jon Hamm and John Mayer? Whatever, I don’t care what you guys say. He’s officially being inducted into the Hubby Hall of Fame, and I’ve created a new category for him. He’s officially Hubby #3, read posts here. There will be lots of ’em coming soon, I’m sure.

Here’s a video of Dylan being extremely good looking so you can see him in action, and I definitely recommend everyone go watch the full episodes  of Teen Wolf if you like that type of thing (Harry Potter, Twilight, etc). You can watch them here! Dylan brings the laughs and the cuteness, so we need to keep it on air.

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