Jake Gyllenhaal and Rashida Jones might be dating now. I like it.

Oh man, I really like this couple. I LIKE IT A LOT. I said that in the Dumb and Dumber voice….reread it that way.

I love Rashida Jones. She needs a high-profile boy toy. Her ex, Mark Ronson, got married this weekend. Maybe this is a rebound relationship, way past due? And Jake has been in the press lately because Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon supposedly bonded over gossiping and talking trash about him. I don’t know if I believe that… do you think it’s possible to talk badly about someone as beautiful as Jake? I don’t think I could come up with a single bad thing. Except maybe that he doesn’t keep his shirt off enough.

Anyway, I like how Rashida isn’t a try-hard girl. Her outfit is cute. Simple. A little nerdy. Not super trendy. Her hair is up and messy. I like it.

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via Just Jared

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