I’m writing this blog JUST so I can make a lame joke at the end.

Rapper Most Def is changing his name. Apparently his name isn’t legally “Most Def,” it’s Dante Smith. And because of his religion he’s changing it to Yasiin.

I was hoping his new name would be like…… “Totes Def.” I think it’s a step in the right direction, no? I guess Yasiin is OK. But “Totes” is totes better.

And yes I wrote this entire blog because “definitely” and “totally” are “def” and “totes” and I thought it’d be funny, but now I’m like, is this even funny? Not really? But at this point I already wrote everything and found a picture and a link and AHH, FUCK IT. I’M POSTING THIS BLOG.

via Perez Hilton

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