John Mayer news update….I’ve done some stalking for y’all!

Some news about my hubby! Apparently the release date I wrote about for his upcoming album, supposedly titled Born and Raised, was way off. I figured, it’s September and it was supposed to be out in October. If that were the case, he would’ve had a single on the radio and would be promoting that shit hard. So…….. yeah, unfortunately no album next month.

Good news is, we got SOME official news about the album! His management says that they’re still working on it. But judging by John’s lack of online presence (which stealz his good thought nuggets and lyrics), I’m guessing he’s busy in the studio.

He also did an interview for the I Heart Radio music festival (has that happened yet?) and talked about how he’s approaching writing music for his new album. Basically he doesn’t give a shit what we think anymore. I mean, he said it a lot nicer than that. But that’s essentially what he said.

I think it’s a good thing. He seriously over-thinks everything he does/says/writes/etc. It’s like he’s insecure. I like him best when he’s himself. I’m sure we’ll all love whatever it is that he releases because he’s got so much talent built up in that body that it’s impossible for him to make something bad (unless Kanye West is involved). Here’s a short clip of the interview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

His management also left us with a teaser for some upcoming project.Maybe he’ll rekindle his old television show? Maybe? Did you know John had a short-lived television show? Enjoy that video below. It’s worth it, TRUST.

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