Woman calls her boyfriend 65,000 times in a year. Bug…a….boo.

I love when I read stories about women that are a million times crazier than I’ll ever be, it makes me feel really good about my mental health and wifey material status! Thanks, crazy lady. Thanks a lot. Seriously! via Yahoo News:

Dutch prosecutors are charging a 42-year-old woman with stalking after she allegedly called her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year.

The 62-year-old victim from The Hague filed a police complaint in August due to the persistent phone calls. Police arrested the suspected stalker Monday, seizing several cell phones and computers from her home in Rotterdam.

Hague prosecution spokeswoman Nicolette Stoel said Thursday the woman argued to judges at a preliminary hearing she had a relationship with the man and the number of calls she placed to him wasn’t excessive. The man denied they had a relationship.

The court ordered her not to contact him again.

I’m having a hard time believing there was no relationship, because why did it take him an entire year to report this? She was a younger woman (20 years younger, in fact!). Obviously they were doing it. You know….it. He probably tried to stop (doing it), and she got really upset, RIGHTFULLY SO. And she wanted to talk to him about it. And I mean, THAT’S HER RIGHT. She was probably really upset. And hurt. And why didn’t he want to have sex with her, she’s 20 years younger than him, he should be glad he’s got a young lady interested in him! How dare he not pick up her calls! HOW DARE HE!!!

Anyway, SHE CALLED HIM A LOT. How much, you might be wondering? I did some math. And by did some math, I used my fingers and toes and carried a 1 and I’m not positive this is all right.

65,000 times in a year=178 times a day. If he was awake for 18 hours a day, she was calling him 10 times an hour…ONCE. EVERY. SIX. FUCKING. MINUTES. For a year. A YEARRRRRRRR. Can you imagine? His cell phone bills must have been out of control. Pretty intense, mang. Pretty intense.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I was trying to find a picture to put with this article since this crazy ho is unnamed and there are no photos of her. So I Googled “women be crazy” and this is the first article that popped up. The first line of it reads, “If by now you have not recognized the fact that all women are crazy, then you need more help than this website can possibly give you.”

That guy has it all figured out. TRUE. STORY. I didn’t read any more of it because I’m already fully aware that I (along with all my female friends) am somewhat crazy, so I don’t want to waste valuable internetting time reading it. It can teach me nothing. But if it’s good, let me know in the comments.

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